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Convocatòria de comunicacions: “Recepció internacional de la literatura feta a Espanya”

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Es poden enviar comunicacions en alemany, anglès o castellà.

Fins el 31 de març s’accepten propostes de comunicacions (d’una pàgina d’extensió) acompanyades d’una breu bibliografia a la professora Dr. Ute Barbara Schilly


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The International Reception of the Literatures of Spain: Cultural Transfer Research

Call for Articles

The framing of countries as political national units has the effect that their internal cultural and linguistic variety is very often not adequately perceived in the international context. This is particularly true in the case of Spain.

A breakup of the idea of a compact whole of ‘the’ Spanish literature in favour of a differentiated consideration of the literatures of Spain has already been required (a. o. Briesemeister 2004, Martín-Estudillo / Spadaccini 2010, Montero Küpper 2012), but has not yet been sufficiently carried out – especially in the perspective of reception analysis (Schilly 2017). The planned anthology is ought to help to eliminate this desideratum.

With the proposed publication we aim to throw light upon the conditions and processes of the transfer and international reception of the literatures of Spain. We invite contributions that may be reception-analytical, (comparative) literary, (inter-)cultural or literary sociological about authors, literary works as well as protagonists, instances and factors of cultural transfer in the literary field (e. g. cultural institutes, translators, book events, book awards, publishers, literary criticism, etc.).

To widen the focus on the literary field is vital because the impact of a literary text itself can be considerably relativised and modified by the respective cultural-historical context and other (e. g. commercial) determinants of its reception. This has very recently been demonstrated by Maarten Steenmeijer’s (2017) analysis of the international reception of the works of Antonio Muñoz Molina.

Thus, the following questions and considerations may be of central importance:

What is the concept of identity the protagonists and institutions refer to when mediating the literatures of ‘Spain’ inter-nationally? To what extent do they differentiate with regard to the f. i. inner social diversity or regional heterogeneity of ‘Spain’? The topicality and relevance of the latter is not least clearly evident in current events.

Which components and dynamics of the perception and construction of the (which?) cultures and literatures of ‘Spain’ can be identified on the side of the recipient cultures and book markets? How do the recipient cultures and markets relate to the f. i. Basque, Catalan, Galician, etc. self-concepts? Moreover, in the case of non-castile literature in Spain, there is often a twofold process of mediation, since it is at first translated into Castilian and received on a Spanish national level before the respected work is translated into the target languages of other countries. It is therefore relevant to examine the determining factors in this process and to find out whether and/or to what extent possible adjustments and shifts can be diagnosed.


Contributions can be submitted in German, Spanish or English.

Please send your abstracts (max. one page) and a brief bibliographical information by March 31, 2018 to:

Ute Barbara Schilly (

You will receive a feedback by April 30, 2018.


March 31, 2018: Abstract submission deadline

April 30, 2018: Notification of acceptance

September 30, 2018: Submissions of articles

Spring 2019: Publication of the anthology



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Call for Papers Literaturen Spaniens international

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